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Instant Activation
Make your registration on our site, log in to your account, accept our terms of affiliates and ready, you can start to spread your link. For each game made by your follower or indication through your link you will earn $ 0.50. Eg: The same follower does 10 games, you win $ 5.00!

Unlimited commissions
If this follower continues to play in the Lotteca you will continue to win regardless of how often or how often he plays the games. Example: If he made the first game through his link, and play in 1 year you will normally earn the $ 0.50 per game made by his nominee.

Be rewarded with your nominee
Want to get millionaire along with your follower who win the ultimate prize? We think and 1% of the amount that is transferred to the Lotteca as commission will be destined to the affiliate that indicated that player that made the winning bet (This rule is valid only in the maximum prize money of the lotteries)

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